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Sunbrella is a division of Leisure outdoor fabric which […]

Sunbrella is a division of Leisure outdoor fabric which began as the. Gant Manufacturing Co. in Glen Raven, North Carolina. Started in  by, one of the first southern producers to dye his fabric, this company noticed lukewarm success producing cotton and other materials during the late.But the watershed for Gant's company was the introduction of cotton duck awning fabrics in 1908, the most successful product introduced by him up to that point in history. And the dominance of this product in the awning industry allowed John Q.


Gant Manufacturing, by then known as Glen Raven, Inc., the ability to expand into other fabric products.They produced rayon parachute fabrics during World War II which they still do today, developed pantyhose in the which they introduced to domestic markets in 1959 and even wove the fabric for the first American flag planted on the moon by.Their experience in rayon and other fabrics kept them focused on innovation, and in 1961 Glen Raven introduced their version of acrylic-based fibers, a material they and other producers had been developing.


This fabric is created by adding pigmentation prior to the extrusion of the acrylic fibers in the production process. It is quite durable and nearly any color is possible, and they called it Sunbrella.By the middle 1970s Sunbrella fabric was being used for all sorts of marine applications, and by the 1980s they had moved into patio furniture fabric. Currently Sunbrella is used for drapery, upholstery, window treatments, awnings, rugs, throw pillows, marine canvas coverings for boats and sails, Bimini or cockpit enclosures, marine interiors and even convertible automobile tops.


There are other outdoor fabric manufacturers and brands, but currently none are as well known, or as widely used, as Sunbrella. And while solution-dyed acrylics such as Sunbrella are designed to be durable, repelling water and stains, they do require some care and maintenance. Sunbrella fabric does require regular cleaning, and any spatters or spills should be addressed before they dry. This will extend the life of the fabric while keeping it looking brand new.As mentioned above, Sunbrella fabric will resist UV rays, mildew, stains and mold. This is why it is the preferred fabric for outdoor furniture. But a regular cleaning two or three times each season will ensure your patio furniture cushions will continue looking great. 

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