What are the categories and status of functional textiles


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The improvement bonded fabrics manufacturers of consumption level and the enhancement of ecological awareness make the public have higher expectations for home textile products. At present, the attractiveness of ecological functional textiles to consumers has been highly valued by the industry, and many home textile companies have labeled their products with ecological and functional home textiles to profit from the market. In China, ecological functional home textiles are also gradually favored. This is due to the increasingly prominent recognition and pursuit of healthy and high-quality life concepts.

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China's consumer market is full of expectations for ecological functional home textile products. Some young consumers who are willing to adopt new products have become mainstream consumers of functional home textiles. They are more willing to invest in themselves and their families, and are more receptive to new concepts such as health, skin beauty, safety, and environmental protection. "Ecological" and "functional" pay. Nowadays, eco-functional home textiles are very popular in Japan, Taiwan, China, companies have developed enthusiasm, consumers have more trust in products, and the acceptance and breadth of various functionalities of home textiles are relatively high, and the product categories are more abundant.


Not only bedroom-like home textiles that are good for sleep, but also extended to functional home textiles used in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and other home spaces, as well as baby home textiles that require special attention and care. At present, functional textiles in China are mainly concentrated in the health care functions, such as antibacterial, deodorant, anti-mite products and healthy sleep bedroom supplies. In the field of home textiles, synthetic fibers make up for the shortage of natural fibers and are widely used, but their moisture absorption Poor sex, easy to accumulate static electricity, woven textiles are easy to attract dust, stain, poor breathability, in serious cases will also cause electric shock, or even cause fire.


Therefore, people hope that textiles can be antistatic, that is, the fabric itself can eliminate static electricity. One is to carry out antistatic finishing on the fabric. In the finishing, use an antistatic finishing agent to attract a layer of hydrophilic film on the surface of the fiber, which can improve the hygroscopicity of the fabric, reduce the friction coefficient and surface specific resistance; The fibers are made into conductive fibers, and the conductive fibers are woven into fabrics. Antistatic fabrics have been well applied to bedding, curtains and other home textile products.

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