What is the difference between pure cotton shirt fabric and pure cotton fabric


Pure cotton shirt fabric is the most commonly used T-sh […]

Pure cotton shirt fabric is the most commonly used T-shirt fabric. It's very cost-effective. Unlike other high-end t-shirt fabrics, it will be specially treated, but 100% cotton still maintains the excellent natural properties of pure cotton and is skin-friendly. Good performance, good air permeability and good moisture absorption. The price of pure cotton shirt fabric is more suitable, which is a good choice. Of course, about 100% cotton processed through special processes such as hair removal and softening is also a high-end fabric.


What is the difference between pure cotton and pure cotton? Let's get up and learn more about pure cotton. Pure cotton fabrics are made of cotton as textile raw materials and are interwoven vertically and horizontally by warp and weft yarns. Cotton containing more than 95% of cotton is pure cotton. Pure cotton fabric can also be subdivided into more than 20 kinds of fabrics according to the type, which are divided into pure cotton yarn card pure cotton poplin pure cotton fabric pure cotton fabric.


At this time, some friends may wonder, is pure cotton different from pure cotton? By definition, cotton is a proper noun in clothing and other fabric materials, and cotton clothing and cotton clothing are common. There are as many as 20 kinds of cotton fabrics, including plain cloth, linen, khaki labor cloth, Oxford wiring, velveteen cloth, etc. So, the cotton label indicates that the fabric is made of cotton.


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