What is the difference between sports towels and ordinary towels


Both sports towels sports towels manufacturers and ordi […]

Both sports towels sports towels manufacturers and ordinary towels have a certain amount of water absorption. However, there are also strengths and weaknesses in du water absorption, and this difference is mainly due to the different production materials and production processes. Ordinary towels are generally made of polyester or cotton, while sports towels are usually made of ultra-fine fibers, bamboo fibers and other materials and more optimized production technology, which has strengthened the effect of water absorption. Therefore, sports towels are more absorbent than ordinary towels. Breathability When people exercise, the towel is in contact with the body, so its breathability should also have a stronger effect, so as to ensure the comfort during exercise.


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Ordinary towels are generally used for washing face and drying hair, etc. The requirements on breathability are not high enough. Therefore, the air permeability of sports towels is better than that of ordinary towels. Size sports towels need to be in close contact with the athlete's body when people exercise. To ensure that they are not easy to slip off from the human body, the length of sports towels is generally longer, and ordinary towels should be convenient for washing your face and not too long, so Sports towels are longer than ordinary towels in size. Tips for buying sports towels Sports towels first depends on its water absorption. You can spray a small amount of water on the hanging towels.


If the water is quickly absorbed, it means that the sports towels absorb water very well. If water drops roll off, It means that the water absorption is poor. Check if the towel will fade, rub a clean wet paper towel on the selected sports towel a few times, and then check if there is any color residue on the wet paper towel. Sports towel breathability is very important, so breathable fiber products are better than pure cotton products. Try to choose a brand of sports towels. Towels need to be washed and changed frequently. The service life of towels is generally within three months to half a year, so they should be replaced and cleaned in time.


Towels that have not been changed for too long or are not cleaned thoroughly will also become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs while the water absorption becomes poor. Chlamydia trachomatis, Staphylococcus aureus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and mold, etc., are easy to spread with cotton fibers of towels as carriers. Sports towels are easier to absorb sweat and breed microorganisms than ordinary towels due to the special environment of use, so the daily cleaning work should be done with more care. When cleaning sports towels, it is best to use neutral detergent or weakly alkaline detergent soap, together with disinfectant of appropriate concentration for cleaning. If possible, consider using hot steam for simple sterilization, and then try to dry the towel in the sun.

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