What kind of fabric is 60s long-staple cotton


60s long-staple cotton is actually long-staple cotton f […]

60s long-staple cotton is actually long-staple cotton fabric. 60s means 60-count ultra-fine cotton yarn using long-staple cotton as raw material. The characteristics of 60s long-staple cotton are as follows: good drape, with silk-like luster; high color fastness, not easy to fade; wear-resistant and durable, good wrinkle resistance, not easy to pilling; good breathability and moisture removal, it is a common fabric more than five times.


The difference between long-staple cotton 60s and 100s is the yarn count. Generally, long-staple cotton kits are 60S, 80S, and 100S. much more. Therefore, 100s is the best quality, and the gloss is very good. It can almost look like silk with the naked eye. Of course, the price is also the highest. What does 60s mean? 60s refers to long-staple cotton with a count of 60, which belongs to long-staple cotton fabrics.


The difference from 100s long-staple cotton is in the yarn count, and the quality of 60s is slightly worse than that of 100s. Long-staple cotton is named for its longer fibers, also known as sea island cotton, and is a cultivated cotton species belonging to the genus Malvaceae. Long-staple cotton has a long growth period and needs a lot of heat.


Under the same bonded fabrics heat conditions, the growth period of long-staple cotton is 10-15 days longer than that of upland cotton. Long-staple cotton is mainly planted in Xinjiang. Xinjiang's long-staple cotton is second only to Egypt in quality, and some indicators are better than Egypt.

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