What kind of fabric is coton in clothes


What kind of fabric is coton in clothes? The correct sp […]

What kind of fabric is coton in clothes? The correct spelling should be cotton, cotton is an English word, noun, verb, adjective, when used as a noun, it is translated as "cotton; cotton; cotton thread", when used as a verb, it is translated as "consistent; understanding; harmony; close", when used as an adjective. For "cotton; of cotton". What is cotton fabric? What are the characteristics of cotton fabrics? Cotton means cotton and cotton in Chinese.


Cation Fabric+TPU+Mirco Fleece


In the field of textile fabrics, we will use bonded fabrics cotton to represent cotton fabrics, and add a percentage in front of cotton. 70% cotton is cotton with a cotton content of 70%. Similarly, polyester ( The expression form of polyester) content is the same. Cotton fabric is made of cotton as raw material, so the characteristics of the fabric are determined by the characteristics of cotton fibers. First of all, cotton fabric has excellent moisture absorption and moisturizing properties, and the overall moisture content of the fabric.


It will be around 10%, which is one of the reasons why cotton fabrics are very comfortable after wearing them. Of course, cotton itself has soft and fluffy characteristics, which is another reason why cotton fabrics are very comfortable. Of course, the specific comfort level of the fabric needs to be based on cotton. content is determined. Cotton fabrics are breathable and hygienic. We often see that some clothes wrapping infants and young children use pure cotton, mainly because of the hygienic properties of cotton.


Cotton is a natural fiber, and the production and processing of fabrics are physical processes, which will not cause Chemical reactions can harm babies. The excellent breathability of cotton makes the fabric cool in summer, without the stuffy feeling of polyester. Then cotton has good thermal properties, like some autumn and winter coats and sweaters use pure cotton, the fabric is not only comfortable but also warm after wearing it in winter.

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